Empowering New Beginnings

Helping professionals realise new potential, balance, and fulfilment.
Because transforming ourselves transforms our success.

Transformation to achieve growth and results sustainably starts inside, Inside the organisation, inside the team, inside the individual.
Start the way you mean to go on.

What is empowerment coaching?

Whether you are looking for results in your career or personal life, Empowerment Coaching is holistic and person-centred life coaching, that keeps the power centralised with the individual. It maintains the premise that nothing outside of you is required to fulfil your clarity, potential and abundance – including your coach. It recognises the individual as the common denominator in all areas of life and that change has to start with you. Shifting yourself shifts your experience and how you relate to the world, so you stop disconnecting, shrinking, and sabotaging, and realise your power in every circumstance, and relationship. It keeps you focused on accountability not dependability, on responsibility not passivity, and builds you to independently be your own best coach through igniting your intuition, authenticity, self-respect, and regulation.

Empowerment coaching creates the space and awareness, then provides the practical tools for you to rediscover and redefine your own truths, confidence, guidance, passions, answers, motivation – and ultimate successes. Self-empowerment is not about adding something, finding something, or changing yourself. Rather uncovering and strengthening your relationship with yourself. To build back the confidence that you already have the answers, capability, and the resources to achieve self-actualisation and your goals. Self-empowerment is stepping into your power to shift obstacles, overcome challenges and reclaim your external through your internal. Ultimately redefining your potential and outcomes of success, so that you can have the relationships you want, the career you want, the direction you want, and the confidence, zest, and happiness along the way. Together we will transform your inner experience and perspective, to transform your outer experience, and therefore, your life.

Find deeper understanding for higher achievements

Find understanding in what drives you and what is holding you back. Shift your internal to wield the external control you desire in your career, life, and relationships.

To truly transform your results and reality on the outside, you have to truly transform yourself on the inside. It all starts with you.

Why you? Do you want to…

  • Be more creative?
  • Communicate better?
  • Perform better in interviews?
  • Feel more motivated?
  • Stop feeling stuck? Lost? Confused?
  • Be more culturally aware?
  • Perform better?
  • Connect more?
  • Be more reliable and independent?
  • Remove blocks?
  • Speak up more?
  • Improve your skills?
  • Thrive more?
  • Be noticed or stand out?
  • Live up to your potential?
  • Be more strategic?
  • Be more charismatic?
  • Be more confident?
  • Would you like to be more assertive? Influential?
  • Do you want to progress in your career but don’t feel your worthy?
  • Overcome insecurities?
  • More comfortable in your clothes?
  • Feel inspired?
  • Stop feeling misunderstood?
  • Find direction? Or find your purpose?
  • Are you missing something?
  • Be more fulfilled?
  • Progress in your career and relationships?
  • Feel happier?
  • Feel confident in your body and stop struggling with your body image?
  • Regulate your emotions better?
  • Stop feeling unattractive?
  • Stop feeling insecure in relationships?
  • Take centre stage?
  • Have more energy and motivation?
  • Have more friends? Fun?
All these questions relate to... Balance + Perspective + Self-Love = Success

Do you feel unhappy but don’t know why?
Do you know something needs to change but don’t know what?
Do you have a goal or dream but don’t know how to achieve it?
Do you have a lot of passion or drive but don’t know where to put it or how to show it?

If you find these questions resonate – it’s natural. But we do not have to accept it or let it define our lives. As an NLP practitioner language is the roadmap of memory to high self-esteem and overall achievement.
You manifest what you think repeatedly. The more you tell yourself you need to do better, the more you feel not good enough. The more you tell yourself your lost, the harder it will be to find yourself.
Accelerate your future, empower yourself, and do the work to make the changes. Let’s find solutions together.

Together lets...

  • Unlock and Strategize

    Unlock your potential by overcoming blocks, challenges and limiting beliefs that are holding you back. Re-define your future by re-channelling your focus strategically.

    Base your personal growth and development your power to give you an all-round exceptional life.

  • Achieve and Lead

    Give yourself the tools to manifest your successes. Achieve your life goals and create new dreams.

    Provide insight, understanding, accountability, motivation, new ideas and action plans – for yourself, your team and your organisation.

    Change your beliefs and mindset intentionally and strategically, and become a natural influencer, motivator and leader.

  • Transform and Deliver

    Internal work for external results.

    Therapeutic potential but is not a replacement for therapy – it does hand in hand to recognise what areas need more attention and healing.

    By bringing your best you deliver the best.

Most of the time, our biggest obstacle is our self. Our core relationship with ourselves manifests in all areas of life. I provide a holistic approach to help people truly transform the most important aspects of their lives – by transforming that one core relationship.

Self-esteem, happiness and abundance then fall neatly into place.

My principles

Holding space

I listen and create a safe, understanding, and non-judgemental space to cultivate and facilitate ultimate growth. Your pace, your way.


I will always tell you the truth, and offer different perspectives in order to challenge you and assist you in achieving even higher.


I work with our most natural selves removing pretences and ego attachments with an intuitive approach as you realise your full potential.

Some things my clients say

“I feel so much happier and content with a new direction, that, to be honest, was just a pleasant pastime, so thank you for inspiring and supporting me on my new adventure.”

Tracie Long

"I loved my coaching sessions with Amy. She is super professional and she really cares about her clients. Amy has a natural ability to break everything down into manageable chunks. Not only did I leave each session with more clarity and energy, but with realistic goals and action steps.”

Kam Bains

“Within a few minutes of talking to Amy I immediately felt relaxed and I knew I was in ‘good hands’. Amy is kind, thoughtful, empathetic, and a very good listener.”

Gosia Kiciak