Hello, I’m Amy.
I am a holistic empowerment and transformation coach

My story, my journey

I am an accredited empowerment and transformation life coach specialising in NLP, with a background working in Government and with NGO’s around the world, empowering women to connect more deeply within themselves and overcome challenges to live life as their most confident, resilient, powerful and authentic selves. My coaching centres the individual within our socioeconomic and historical contexts offering my clients a unique depth of understanding and perspective of their experiences. I have always been committed to helping people realise their true self-worth and potential, and to overcome self-defeatist thinking. Being highly intuitive, empathetic, and compassionate allows me to connect with people on a deeper level of truth, honesty, and humility.

“Through my experience I have learnt that vulnerability is our ultimate strength. Self-love is the key. Balance and Perspective are the tools.”

My unique perspective on politics and political identities, human behaviour, psychology, and NLP is inspired by personal lessons of resilience and adaptation. My experience allows me to implement an openly unique perspective and cultured intuition – of the world and of people. I have successfully coached and mentored a great diversity of women, children and men, to open doors and see the strength and clarity in all different areas of life. My work with victims of human trafficking for 5 years and women from impoverished rural communities across Asia, highlighted values of grit, humility and integrity, and inspired huge shifts in myself. Since then my commitment to human rights has evolved alongside my love of connecting and empowering people – in the most intimate and individual way. As a human rights activist I believe in equality, inclusion, and non-judgement, all values I commit to bringing to every session.

“To travel the Earth and the terrain of the self, is the greatest adventure you can go on.”

My why, my purpose

With a background as a ballet dancer, elite gymnast and athlete, my body and appearance has always been central to success. From that I am no stranger to a life ruled by childhood wounds, eating disorders, fear, insecurity, self-judgement and self-loathing, manifesting in many different forms. I learnt the hard way. But I want to help so you don’t have to. My mixed-race heritage and being a woman of colour has always offered me spiritual awareness, cultural richness, an abundance of world experiences, and open-mindedness, fostering a deep care and desire to give back and give thanks for all the opportunities and privileges I received. I use dance movement principles, mediation and artistic practices to help you discover parts of your subconscious and personality you didn’t know existed. Through integrated tools and techniques, I create a unique framework to help you connect with yourself in a newly inspiring way.

I dedicate my life to supporting individuals and future generations heal themselves and their communities and utilise their resources for a more prosperous and peaceful future. For many years in the political sector I tried to fill myself up with my external world, a constant void needing to be filled. I had to learn that there was nothing I could find, buy, find, or eat that would give me the completeness, wholeness, enough-ness I longed for, or live life as whole heartedly as I do now. The only thing missing – was me.

True happiness, confidence and abundance is more than achievable – it’s already within you. We all want to walk out of the house feeling on top of the world every single day – in love with our bodies, our lives, and our environment. By working with me we can achieve true transformation from the inside out – so that every day is brighter than the day before. I offer the opportunity to truly grow and shine with all the love, energy and success, with the power to achieve your potential and make all your goals a reality.