For Individuals

Life is an ever-evolving practice of adaption.

A lifestyle is your art of living. It’s the daily choices you make about the way of life.

A path. A practice. A flow.


Often people come to me with a desire for change and to fulfil their potential but don’t necessarily know how to achieve it. Through our initial consultation we will develop a bespoke personal programme and framework to help you achieve your goals. We will utilise structure and fluidity – to find your ultimate balance.

Shift your mindset

Let go of old thought processes and discover new ways of seeing yourself through the world and your environment

Achieve your greatest potential

Practical strategies, goals and plans to allow any dream to seem attainable and realise they are achievable We create realistic goals and action steps by gaining internal insight and accountability, to improve all external areas of our lives. You may feel confused or not fully understand which areas you want to work on but know something is not quite right. I help you achieve that clarity and find that motivation and direction to achieve the lifestyle and success you want and deserve. Whether it’s a lack of confidence or confusion, social isolation or disconnection, body image issues or feeling stuck, I help my clients fulfil their potential to fulfil their lives. The person we want to be is already within us – it’s just about liberating them.

Do it all in a uniquely integrated and inspiring way

As an elite dancer and artist I understand the importance of creativity in reaching previously detached parts of ourselves. I use mindfulness, meditation, dance movement and artistic practices to craft a carefully integrated framework to help you to achieve body-mind transformation and re-connection.

I work with culturally diverse individuals seeking clarity and connection when living in a new society, with new rules and new languages.

My work transcends the boundaries of common language and thought and speaks to the individual hearts.

My personal mixed ethnicity allows me to work with clients to find the harmony in cultural diversity and help those who have emigrated and settle into new communities whilst maintaining their virtue and integrity will support group development.

Coaching is like looking in a mirror. It may sometimes be uncomfortable. But we cannot change what we cannot see. Self-acceptance is not an easy job.

But it’s worthwhile.

If you are ready to change, I am ready to help

A good life starts with living well

Power and resilience cannot be bought or found. Only unlocked and nourished – loving, understanding, and accepting ourselves is the key to living a wholesome life.

“Through my experience I have learnt that vulnerability is our ultimate strength. Self-love is the key. Balance and Perspective are the tools.”